Shanghai Pearl Art Museum was founded by Shanghai Xinhua Distribution Group and Red Star Macalline Home Group, and designed by international architect Tadao Ando, it is the first art institution that combines "art museum + bookstore" in China. Pearl Art Museum aims to "light up life with art" and has an independent research, creative and executive team, working in various fields such as exhibition, public education and publication, etc. It has created a cultural and creative platform brand called "Art Life Lab (LAb)", through Through a "full linkage" approach, LAb brings together the world's leading art and creative resources, with the vision of "creating a museum without walls and a mobile art academy", empowering the city with art, culture, creativity and an open attitude of cross-disciplinary cooperation.

Shanghai Pearl Art Museum has organized a series of art exhibitions, conducted academic and public aesthetic education activities, and explored the field of art publishing by opening an art store with the theme of "Art Life Lab" (LAb).

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A strong partnership with a bookish origin

Shanghai Pearl Art Museum is a non-profit private art museum created by Shanghai Xinhua Distribution Group in cooperation with Red Star Macalline Home Group. Pearl Art Museum cooperates with cultural and art institutions, artists and cultural figures to explore its own operation model, exhibition content and ways to interact with the industry and audiences.

The latest masterpiece of the architect "Art + Reading"

Invited by architect Tadao Ando, Light Space has a multifunctional cultural and art space of nearly 4,000 square meters. The overall space consists of Xinhua Wenchuang-Light Space Bookstore on the 7th floor and Pearl Art Museum on the 8th floor, and the two spaces are connected by a multifunctional activity area with a star dome. "Light Space" was nominated by Tadao Ando and Ms. Li Shuang, President of Shanghai Xinhua Publishing Group.



As a place for exchange and dialogue, the Pearl Museum of Art holds thematic exhibitions and solo exhibitions of artists throughout the year in a variety of fields, including painting, video, installation, design, photography, books, fashion and performance; holds special exhibitions on a regular basis, organizes multi-level and rich art education and membership activities, and opens the "Art Life Lab (LAb) " as the theme of the art store.


PAM Special Exhibitions: Regularly hold a variety of exhibitions and interact with the bookstore to create special art exhibitions.

PAM Art Education: Conducts art lectures, forums, workshops, film screenings, salons, training, and art tours for different age groups and multi-level audiences.

PAM Academic Research: Conducts professional, academic, and targeted research, actively conducts museum-school linkages, and cooperates with academic institutions to conduct special research.

PAM Art Life Lab (LAb): Launching exhibitions, art museum-related art derivatives and limited edition merchandise, gathering brands and designers to brighten up life with art and design.

PAM Art Publishing: Combining the characteristics of art museums, it plans, introduces and publishes books around special exhibitions, art education programs, academic research topics, and art life lab aesthetic products.

Art Museum + Bookstore

Shanghai Pearl Art Museum and Xinhua Wenchuang-Light Space are the first art institutions in China to combine "art museum + bookstore". Pearl Art Museum interacts with artists, designers, curators and cultural figures in a dynamic way; links with domestic and foreign art institutions; cooperates with universities and research institutions; combines with art publishing; links with Xinhua Wenchuang-Light Space; interacts with Xinhua Hongxing International Plaza; collaborates with brands and enterprises; and integrates with diversified industries to promote art dissemination and reading.


While focusing on exhibitions, the Pearl Museum of Art Shanghai is actively involved in art-related research and art education, creating an art life for all ages and levels of society. The museum organizes a wide variety of public events: lectures, conversations, seminars, workshops, art tours, art academies, film screenings, performances, salons and other educational programs, and actively engages in open collaboration with art museums, institutions, embassies, consulates and academic institutions around the world.


Architectural model of PAM

Architectural model of PAM

Architectural model of PAM

Architectural model of PAM

Architectural model of PAM

Architectural model of PAM