Date 2018.12.15-2019.03.03
Opening Date 2018.12.22 Saturday
Artist Saïd Afifi, David De Beyter, Elisabeth Caravella, Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis, Junkai Chen, Hugo Deverchère, Alain Fleischer/Arnaud Petit/Jean-Philippe Uzan, Sébastien Hildebrand, Zhenqian Huang, Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux, Zhenchen Liu, Nicolas Moulin, Kingsley Ng, Baptiste Rabichon, Christian Rizzo, Gaëtan Robillard, Gwendal Sartre, Lukas Truniger, Jacob Wiener, Fabien Zocco
Exhibition Curator Li Dandan
Organizer Le Fresnoy National Studio for Contemporary Arts
Contractor Shanghai Origins Media
Support Shanghai-XinHua-Distribution-Group-Co-Ltd, Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd.
Special Support General Consulate of France in Shanghai
Price ¥100.00 Buy Ticket

For its first anniversary, Pearl Art Museum (PAM) launched a new media digital art exhibition named ‚Re (Model) The World: 20 Years of Digital Creation of Le Fresnoy / National Studio for Contemporary Arts‛


As a private and non-profit art institution for art exhibitions, education, researches, promotions and cultural communications, PAM takes ‘arts illuminate life’ as its mission and is committed to removing cultural barriers. As a cooperation outcome between PAM and Le Fresnoy, this exhibition invited 20 artists from all over the world and presented 20 digital art works to the audience, telling the story of the technology-shaped future.

Focusing on graphics, sound and communication technologies, the exhibited artworks use, switch and divert such technologies to observe, contemplate and reshape the world -- presenting the world in digitalized and new ways, which echoes the core of the exhibition: re(model) the world. Some works combine traditional technologies (16 mm film and daguerreotype) with digital technologies; some put in mixed videos, film special effects, composite images, photogrammetry and 3D scanning; some use cutting-edge technologies, such as motion capture and interaction, or use a photography machine that is capable of recognizing 2000 images per second, or nano photography, nano carving, infrared imaging, digital visualization, algorithms, and generative and machine learning. Other works derive from contact with science and magical encounter with scientists (visualizing abstract math objects, reusing materials and scientific imaging systems, and programming modeling of motions). Some works were even conceived as common results of two fields. As Marcel Proust said, ‚Through art alone are we able to emerge from ourselves, to know what another person sees of a universe which is not the same as our own and of which, without art, the landscapes would remain as unknown to us as those that may exist on the moon.‛ The exhibition presents to us a world remodeled by the artists.

雨果・德维切尔 (Hugo Deverchère),万象 (Cosmorama),4K视频,23分钟,2017
图片由艺术家与Le Fresnoy提供,Film Stills © Hugo Deverchère

雨果・德维切尔 (Hugo Deverchère),万象 (Cosmorama),蓝晒照片,2017
图片由艺术家与Le Fresnoy提供, © Hugo Deverchère

克里斯蒂安・赫佐 (Christian Rizzo),他-120609 (Il 120609),视频,13分钟,2009
Stills © Christian Rizzo

尼古拉斯・穆兰 (Nicolas Moulin),问候 (Grüsse aus),摄影,2013
© Nicolas Moulin

阿兰・福莱歇 /阿尔诺·波提 /让-菲利普·乌赞Alain Fleischer /Arnaud Petit /Jean-Philippe Uzan
公式集 (Formulaire),电影短片,16分钟,2018,Stills © Alain Fleischer/Arnaud Petit/Jean-Philippe Uzan

伊斯梅尔·乔弗洛伊・尚杜提斯 (Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis),黑波 (Ondes Noires),电影短片,21分钟,2017
Stills © Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

法比安・扎克 (Fabien Zocco),神旨解构 (L'Entreprise de déconstruction théotechnique)
生成式装置/机器人雕塑,2016,©Fabien Zocco

Founded in 1997 in Tourcoing, a city in northern France, Le Fresnoy is the most important modern audiovisual art creation center and academy of arts in Europe. Dominique Bozo, Former Minister of the Ministry of Culture of France and Former Curator of Pompidou, defined the role of Le Fresnoy as ‚an IRCAM of the visual arts‛ or ‚a hi-tech Villa Medici.‛ As a high-level academy of arts in Europe, Le Fresnoy has fostered many outstanding artists who are active in the contemporary art field. It is indisputable that Le Fresnoy is the ‚dream factory‛ of today's artists. Sharing the same art concepts and appreciating Le Fresnoy's efforts in fostering artists, PAM

 initiated and planned the exhibition. PAM hopes that the exhibition will be a show where science, thoughts and arts meet and where the audience can experience the future.

赛义德・阿菲 (Saïd Afifi) ,叶马亚 (Yemaya),VR沉浸式装置,2018
© Saïd Afifi

卢卡斯・特鲁杰 (Lukas Truniger),似曾听闻  (An opera automaton),生成式装置,2015
© Lukas Truniger

雅各布・维纳 (Jacob Wiener),飞行指令(Avis aux navigateurs),视频装置,2x8分钟,2017
Stills © Jacob Wiener

黄镇乾 (Zhenqian HUANG),行行重行行 (La terre qui tombe),电影短片,13分钟,2014
Stills © Zhenqian HUANG

陈俊恺 (Junkai CHEN),和鸣 (Correspondance),互动行为表演和装置,2016
© Junkai CHEN

塞巴斯蒂安・希尔德布兰德 (Sébastien Hildebrand),奔跑吧宝贝 (Run Baby Run),摄影,2010
© Sébastien Hildebrand

伊丽莎白・卡拉维拉 (Elisabeth Caravella),操作方式 (Howto),电影短片,25分钟,2014
Stills ©Elisabeth Caravella

伍韶劲 (Kingsley Ng),音乐编织 (Métier à tisser musical),互动装置,2005
© Kingsley Ng

奥雷利安・凡纳-勒穆索 (Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux),“帝国”系列之底特律 (L'empire Détroit),沉浸式互动装置,2015
© Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux

戴维・德・拜特 (David De Beyter),混凝土镜子 (Concrete Mirrors),摄影,2010
© David De Beyter

卡登・罗比亚尔 (Gaëtan Robillard),追浪 (En recherchant la vague),视频装置,6分钟,2013
© Gaëtan Robillard

刘真辰 (Zhenchen LIU),万花筒- C72293916 (Kaleidoscope),装置,2018
© Zhenchen LIU

昆达尔・萨特 (Gwendal Sartre),我刻在他的头发里 (J'ai gravé dans ses cheveux),摄影,2016
© Gwendal Sartre

巴普蒂斯特・哈比雄 (Baptiste Rabichon),奥利 (Orly),摄影,2017
© Baptiste Rabichon