Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2019.10.26 Saturday 14:00-16:00
Instructor Ding Xueying
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Price ¥100.00



Since the exhibition “Victor Hugo: Dans l'intimité du génie” jointly organized by Pearl Art Museum and Paris Musées (Maison de Victor Hugo) was open, it has attracted a great many children to pay a visit. They get to know Hugo, the genius who is a great writer, painter and decorative artist, outside their textbooks for the first time. The house with Chinese elements designed by Hugo himself has in particular appealed to the children who attended the exhibition.

Ms. Ding Xueying, a teacher from Shanghai Fudan High School, will again come to the Heart Hall of Pearl Art Museumthis Saturday afternoon. She will guide the children through Hugo’s house on display, explore elements of domestic interiors preferred by Hugo and together come up with ideas to refurbish Hugo’s house.