Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2019.02.24 Sunday 14:00-17:00
Speaker John Bardakos, Junkai Chen
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
“(重)塑世界”系列讲座之二: The Virtual Reality 虚拟现实

We are glad and honoured to announce you the second edition of this cycle of lectures “Noesis in Art and Technology”. This time John Bardakos, whom you met during our last meeting in January about “The Poetics of Technoetics”, will be accompanied by the Chinese artist Junkai Chen.

This second lecture provided in the context of the exhibition, “(Re)Model The World” at PAM, focuses on the notion of the virtual. 

The lecture has no theoretical or practical prerequisites and is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The first part aims to direct the audience towards the understanding of some basic concepts on the notion of virtual, the second part is in the form of a practical workshop on the creation of virtual immersive spaces.


(重)塑世界 (Re)Model The World

John Bardakos and Junkai Chen will analyse, discuss and explain the ideas of virtual spaces, virtual time, virtual identities, selves and virtual behaviours. In such a mental oscillation between the “real” and the “non-real”, the audience and the artists will start together an historical “voyage” from the first huge steps of physics, technology, metaphysics and art, a journey along which all these ideas will be discussed. By analysing the elements of the human experience in space-time, the artists will end with a correlation of art and technology (as a broader understanding of hardware and software) which help us towards the reframing in a virtual milieu the human experience.

For the second part of this lecture, the artists will briefly expose us to different frameworks, computer systems (digital space-time generating machines) that allow us to understand the process of making virtual experiences, videogames, computer generated spaces and virtual interactive art.