Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2019.11.16 Saturday 14:00-16:00
Speaker 彭 莱
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Language Chinese




Pearl Art Museum has launched series of lectures on “Open Book for Arts” since the end of September 2019 based on the ideal of “wallless art gallery” and “mobile art school”. For each lecture, an expert will be invited to tell a story of art with a good book and offer relatively systemic and interesting artistic and aesthetic education. In order to equip viewers with further knowledge and thoughts, the guest always explain profound theories in simple language, which enables the general public to know more about the cutting-edge and classical art studies and works.

The third lecture of “Open Book for Arts” will be held on Saturday afternoon, November 16th 2019. Professor Peng Lai of Shanghai Normal University will be invited to the Heart Hall of Pearl Art Museum. She will mainly focus on the appreciation of Wood and Rock by Su Shi, share with the audience the artist’s calligraphy and painting works, lay emphasis on the impacts that Su’s theories on painting appraisal and ink play have exerted on the history of painting of man-of-letters and guide the audience to understand the artistic life of Su Shi, the model man of letters, in a brand-new way.