Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2019.11.30 Saturday 14:00-16:00
Instructor 黄燕, 胡晓晔
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Language Chinese

Do you feel bone-chilling cold in icy breezes given the free-fall cooling at the beginning of this week?

The end of November is right around the corner. It’s time to take into serious consideration how to deal with a severe winter. Pearl Art Museum will organize a charity workshop to “warm” you this Saturday, November 30th 2019.

Every stitch brings hearts close, and every needle conveys warmth. Come and together knitan artistic and warm winter with environmental-friendly materials.

Zero-cost materials that can “turn waste into wealth”

We live in a fast-moving consumer society where immense waste of resources are made each day. All the materials that will be used in this charity workshop come from some “displaced” resources. What can we do with the useless needles and threads? Come to Pearl Art Museum and let’s work hand in hand to turn these wastes into wealth. You can either take home your handcrafts or donate it and pass on the love and care through a charity bazaar. 

Everyone can be a part of the handcraft creation process

Unlike other workshops that have certain requirements on the age of participants and relevant previous experience, this charity workshop lifts all the restrictions. No matter whether you have learned crocheting before or not, no matter you are an adult or a child, you can sign up and join our workshop as long as you are eager to enjoy the pleasure of making handcrafts and contributing to environmental preservation.

Each participant can enjoy 50% off discount on the ticket for the Hugo exhibition

Everyone that participates in this charity workshop will be entitled to 50% off discount on the ticket for the exhibition “Victor Hugo: Dans l'intimité du génie”. Charity handcraft creation and art culture will together bring warmth to your mind in such a chilling winter.